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 Windows Notepad replacement with data file handling

 Author:   Tom Kostiainen - email: (remove the "no.spam." prefix)
 Homepage:  (404 - 04/17/09 --DMcCunney)
 Family:   NotepadReplacement
 Platform: Windows
 License:  Freeware


MDINotepad has everything you can need when editing text files. It includes features like a Multiple document interface (MDI), Customizable toolbar, Support for large files, Tools for fast File browsing (with Find in Files and more) and Block editing, Open files menu, customizable Open/Save filters, customizable Function keys, Recent documents menu, Favorites menu and a customizable Library. Also many useful functions like Auto Complete (supports any language), Execute, Open with, Insert file, Bookmark, Stay on top, (file) Properties, Replace, Replace special, Crop, Break Lines, Arrange, Highlight, Find and Highlight, Reload, Auto paste, Paste/Copy special (with functions like Append, Remove Characters, Copy highlighted, strip HTML...) and much more. (copied from the home page)

See additional comments on handling databases with fields below (EricPement)

 Screen Shot:

Database handling

Normally, editors like this are very common and there's not much to distinguish them. But if you work with fielded data (using field separators, like CSV files) or with fixed-width fields, the average editor isn't much good there. When I paged through the screen shots, this one stopped me cold, since it's an innovative editor that also handles data files like this. This makes it worth looking into. (EricPement)

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