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 Mutt Editor II, an Emacs variant with a hybrid macro language

 Author:   Craig Durland 
 Download: version)
  (AtariST? port, with source)  (ZOO archives)
  (Binaries in z7 archive)
  (Source in 7z archive)
 Family:   EmacsFamily
 Platform: AIX, Atari, BSD, HP-UX, MS-DOS, OS/2, OSF/POSIX  
 License:  Public Domain

Craig Finseth's Emacs FAQ lists the homepage an FTP site for the source, but the link is dead (CD no longer works @HP). The Download links point to a v2.5 version for MS-DOS on a Simtel mirror and a University of Michigan site for the Atari version.)

Craig (Durland) released new versions until at least version 3.6 in 1995. The editor is small-footprint and fairly GNU-emacs compatible. Binaries are typically under 150k for the editor + 50k for the byte-compiler. Supports registers, including rectangular registers, multiple windows, dynamic search, etc.


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