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 Mateusz's Saucy Editor - freeware editor for MS-DOS

 Author:   Mateusz
 Homepage: Not available
 Family:   MsDosEditors
 Platform: MS-DOS
 License:  Freeware

"Mateusz's Saucy Editor (MSEDIT) is a simple editor working in the DOS environment. I decided to write it, because I had been using the Microsoft's EDIT editor for years, without finding any free alternative. Of course, there is plenty of free DOS editors out there, but no one has ever matched my expectations (or should I say, my taste). I guess that's because I had already been "formatted" by the MS editor :-)

You will probably notice that MSEDIT is very similar to Microsoft's EDIT. That's a pure coincidence.

MSEDIT features also a FB mode (has to be invoked using the /fb switch). This mode allows to compile and run FreeBASIC? source code from within the editor.

I hope you will like MSEDIT as much as I do!"


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