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 Open source LaTeX editor for windows

 Author:   Shu Shen
 Family:   IDEFamily, ScintillaEditorFamily
 Platform: Windows
 License:  Open source

(Formerly the LaTeXEditor)

"The LaTeXEditor was born because I have some wishes for an editing tool for LaTeX, but the existing popular tools were not able to fulfill my wishes, that's why I wrote my own.

The LaTeXEditor is FREE and open-source, it has the following features:

    Styling LaTeX/TeX?? keywords, commands, comments, etc., in colors and fonts.
    Spelling checker (uses GNU Aspell). Including wrong spelling highlighting, suggestion and replacement on right-click popup menu. Now supports three English dictionaries (EN_US, EN_GB, and EN_CA).
    Automatic configuration of LaTeX commands (latex, bibtex, makeindex) and viewers (dvi viewer, ps viewer, pdf viewer).
    Capture LaTeX commands output, highlight error and warning messages, count number of error/warnings.
    Line number display on page side, current line background highlighting.
    Text wrap mode and wrap indent.
    Editing multiple documents, i.e., Multiple Document Interface (MDI) support.
    And most of all, a rather clean interface" 


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