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 Multi-lingual enhancements to Gnu Emacs under Windows

 Author:   Hisashi Miyashita
 Family:   EmacsFamily
 Platform: Windows
 License:  GPL
Meadow (Japanese, English) – the multilingual enhancement to GNU Emacs with advantages over windows. A Japanese-language oriented GNU Emacs fork with Cygwin like installer.

The optional, add in elisp packages such as Gnus, Mew, WanderLust?, BBDB, psvn, tdiary-mode, AUCTeX/LaTeX?, Elscreen, emacs-w3m, session, Sudoku, etc (more), and ImageMagick? integrated installation make this a very simple to install Emacs on your Windows box.

Try (view-hello-file) with one of the optional fonts “mule-fonts” (just another check box in the installer) and see all the characters without the fuss.

Note: With the multilingual support now merged into NTEmacs in 20.4, it is no longer necessary to use a special version of Emacs for other languages, but MULE users may find upgrading to Meadow easier than to NTEmacs because of slight differences in the way they handle fonts. Meadow also has a couple of features that are still missing from NTEmacs, such as support for native IMEs and the special keys on Japanese keyboards.


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