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A derivative of MicroEMACS for the PocketPC platform

 Maintainer: Tillanosoft
 Family:     EmacsFamily, PocketPCFamily
 License:    Open source
 Platforms:  WinCE, Windows Mobile

Mg gives you the similar operational feelings as the famous editor GNU Emacs does. Mg is a derived version of MicroEMACS, and a lot of enhancement has been introduced by Bob Larson (, this address can be found in the README file of Mg but now unreachable unfortunately) and several other developers. You can find a detailed description of Mg in "README" file which is involved in this delivery.

Mg for Win32 is a port of this Mg onto Windows based operating systems such as Windows CE and Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. After Bob released Mg version 2a, Japanese developers including Shigeki Yoshida did a lot of works on Mg, such as port to MS-DOS, preparing c-mode, and so on. Mg for Win32 is based on this enhanced version of Mg. So, Mg for Win32 provides a lot of enhanced features compared to Mg 2a.

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