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 Freeware text editor extension for Palm Memo Pad

 Author:   BMS Software Solutions
 Homepage: (404)
 Family:   PalmOSEditorsFamily
 Platform: PalmOS
 License:  Freeware
"Having used a number of Full-Featured Palm Word Processors, I found almost all documents created on the a PDA's still required formatting on my PC. This being the case, we design MiniWord. MiniWord is a user friendly Word Processor that is designed to allow you to manage simple text documents. MiniWord features one click copy, paste to enable you to quickly write and edit your documents."

"MiniWord is designed to be an enhancement of Memo Pad. You basically write your document in MiniWord when you're away from your PC and then you export to Memo Pad and access the document via your Standard PDA Desktop application, which you can then copy and paste into MS Word on your Desktop PC."


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