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 Text editor written at Cambridge University

 Author:   Philip Hazel
 Download: (C source archive)
 Manual: (Adobe PDF)
 Family:   MainframeEditorFamily
 Platform: Unix/Linux?
 License:  GPL v2

NE is a text editor that was originally designed to run on a wide variety of machines, from largeservers to personal workstations. In the past it ran on a number of operating systems; however, the current version supports only Unix-like systems.

The main use of NE is expected to be as an interactive screen editor. However, it can also function as a line-by-line editor, and it is programmable, so it can be run non-interactively as a text manipulation tool.

NE is a re-implementation of a previous editor that was called E, which in turn evolved from one called Zed and a number of predecessors that ran on IBM mainframes. The lineage can be traced back to some very early Cambridge text editors of the 1960s.

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