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 Fixes for and additions to Kihlken's [Ted].

 Author:    Norman De Forest
 Homepage:  http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/~af380/
 Download:  http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/~af380/nted.zip
 Family:    MsDosEditors, TinyEditors
 Platform:  MS-DOS
 License:   Freeware

New features:

F11 (or Shift-F5):

Since F5 (cut) and F6 (paste) are similar to Windows clipboard commands, I added an equivalent to "copy" -- F11 (or shift F5 for those without extended keyboards) will perform an F5 operation (cut) and immediately follow it with an F6 command (paste) command. If no text is currently marked, F11 acts the same as F6. (Memory aid: 11 = 5 + 6; F11 = F5 + F6) A non-destructive copy to the paste buffer can be much safer if you are subject to being interrupted and frequently forget to paste text back where you want it before cutting something else.

Ctrl-Home and Ctrl-End:

Scrolling horizontally could be time-consuming. I added code for Ctrl-Home and Ctrl-End that performed eight cursor-left or eight cursor-right operations respectively. This makes it faster to move the cursor to where you want.


For my needs, it was necessary to distinguish lines with tabs from lines with spaces. It was also necessary to be able to tell if a line ends with CR or if it ends with CR,LF. Alt-V ('V' for "visible) makes CR characters, CR,lf pairs, and TABS visible. (TABs are displayed as one to eight TAB characters depending on the character column the first TAB character is in.) Pressing Alt-V again toggles back to normal display.


There were cases where I needed to distinguish between NULs (character zero), space (character 32), and blank (character 255) in the IBM PC character set. Alt-B toggles on and off the display of NUL and blank as "" (character 249) and "" (character 254) so they can be visibly identified.

Ctrl-2 (Ctrl-@) and Ctrl-M:

There were times I needed to be able to enter NULs (character zero) or lone carriage-returns (character 13) that were *not* followed by a line-feed (character 10). I patched TED to recognise the extended code 03 as the Control-@ and have it enter the NUL character. I also made TED recognise Control-M and had it enter a CR without a line-feed. The <Enter> or <Return> key still adds the CF and LF.

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