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 WYSIWYG HTML editor for Linux and Windows. 

 Author:   Daniel Glazman
 Homepage: http://nvu.com
 Family:   HTMLEditorFamily
 Platform: Windows, Mac OS/X, Linux, others (anything Mozilla runs on)
 License:  Mozilla Public License

One of the few true editors with a GUIinterface available for free. If you like working from a graphical user interfacelike DreamWeaver, but you want to try a free alternative, this is one for you.

Has a site manager, built-in ftp. Very nice. It is somewhat based on the NetscapeComposer, but I have heard that it's greatly improved on that. NVU is 100% open source. You can download the source code or precompiled binaries for your operating system at no cost or charge.

(Nvu is the Mozilla stand alone HTML editor. It's based on the HTML Editor component of the Mozilla Suite, which was the replacement for the old Netscape Communicator product. Mozilla decided to break out the suite into stand alone components, including the Firefox browser, Thunderbird email/newsreader client, Nvu HTML editor, and Sunbird Calendar. -DMcCunney)

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