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 Open source Windows Notepad replacement with RTF support

 Author:   Bret Taylor
 Homepage: (Down?  04/24/09 --DMcCunney)
 Family:   NotepadReplacement RichTextEditorFamily
 Platform: Windows with .NET 2.0
 License:  Apache 2.0 License 

"Notable is a simple, completely free note-taking application for Windows that is optimized for people who make lots bulleted lists. I was inspired to make it after having worked in the computer industry for a while, and I realized that no note-taking option really suited my need to manage my large number of meetings and task lists.

Notable is organized as an inbox of rich text notes - essentially, Notepad with an inbox on top. However, unlike Notepad, the text editor supports formatting and is heavily optimized for bulleted lists, which makes taking down notes quickly (e.g., taking notes in a meeting) extremely easy. You can archive notes to your hard disk easily, and there is a shortcut to open up a note in Microsoft Word/Wordpad?."


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