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 Open source text editor for Nokia N900 and other platforms

 Author:   Pulu
 Family:   LinuxEditorFamily
 Platform: Nokia N900, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
 License:  GPL

NotePuppy is derived as much from information managment software such as Microsoft OneNote? or Tomboy, the Linux equivalent. NotePuppy uses only UTF-8 plain text files and does not support images or text boxes, but the file format is just plain text - for ultimate interoperability.

The main design paradigm is one of quick access to files/information. All files are kept in the same area and viewed with a built-in file manager, from where they can be opened for editing. Files are saved as they are editied in the background - you never need to save files.

Originally desinged for Nokia N900, NotePuppy is written in the C++ Qt library. Versions are available for most Linux window-managers, Mac OS X and Windows 32-bit systems. The application is still not mature and lacks a lot of editor features - currently it has only undo, redo, cut, copy, paste and save functions.


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