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Properly named Notepad++. "Notepad replacement" based on the Scintilla edit control.

 Author:   Don HO
 Family:   ScintillaEditorFamily, NotepadReplacement, FoldingEditors
 Platform: Windows 
 License:  Open source 

Syntax highlighting, folding editor, which means that items in programmer's braces

   for (i=1;i<=4; i++) {
     var += test[i]
     print var

or between PHP or HTML tags

      like this

are visually marked, and can be collapsed or expanded by clicking on a plus sign (+) or minus sign (-) which occurs after the brace or tagged item. This makes programming much easier if you have lots of code to slog through.

Highly customizable. Has macro recording, playback, and saving. Supports a decent plugin architecture, and one plugin, PythonScript?, provides Python scripting of the editor which allows custom behaviors more complex than macros without having to write a full plugin.

Aims to have excellent Unicode and internationalization. (RTL support is weak because Scintilla's RTL support is weak.)

The user community is fairly active; there's a pretty good wiki and numerous forums, including several in languages other than English.

Precompiled executables for Windows available as installer or zip/7z file are quite small.

Screenshot: Note especially the vertical lines which connect braces several lines apart:

Drawbacks: Development is erratic; new features are added fairly often, bug fixes not so much unless they cause crashes. Support functions (user community, bug tickets) are hosted on the execrable SourceForge? (source code repo is now on [[]]). The bug tickets and forums get little attention from the developer.

"Open source" but submitted patches may not even be looked at. The source code is mostly pretty clean but antiquated in style, primarily using the Win32 API directly. Relies on Scintilla, but updates to current Scintilla revisions infrequently.

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