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Nvi is an implementation of the ex/vi text editor originally distributed as part of the Fourth Berkeley Software Distribution (4BSD), by the University of California, Berkeley.

 Author:       Sven Verdoolaege and Keith Bostic
 Homepage:     https://sites.google.com/a/bostic.com/keithbostic/vi/
 Nvi FAQ:      https://sites.google.com/a/bostic.com/keithbostic/vi/nvi-faq
 Family:       ViFamily
 Platform:     Unix
 License:      Open source

Nvi software was originally derived from software contributed to the University of California, Berkeley by Steve Kirkendall, the author of the vi clone elvis. So, nvi has no code from BillJoy.

The source code to nvi is freely available, and nvi may be freely redistributed. Nvi is maintained by Sven Verdoolaege and Keith Bostic.

It adds a number of features missing from the original VI editor:

 Screenshot: (Development version)

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