Origami For Windows

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 Shareware Windows implementation of the Origami folding editor

 Author:   Elcon, Ltd.
 Homepage: http://www.ecsc.mipt.ru/Elcom (404)
 Download: http://wotug.org/parallel/vendors/elcom/origami/origami4.zip
 Family:   FoldingEditors
 Platform: Windows 
 License:  Shareware

Folding editor for programmers. A 'folding editor' extends the principle of tree structured directories into a text file. This allows the simultaneous display of large amounts of text, by 'folding' sections of text away behind a descriptive heading.

32-bit, supports very large files and long file names. MDI interface, cut-and-paste via clipboard, drag-and-drop and more.

Supports any external compiler (DOS/Windows?/Win32?) and MAKE utility for compiling/making source file and can be used as a development environment. Contains build-in make, Inmos iserver-compatible transputer server and B004-compatible link driver for compiling using Inmos C/occam2 compiler from inside the editor.


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