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This is intended to be a list of Wikis and other web pages discussing text editors.

This is a home for GnuEmacs and XEmacs users. Note that these are also big free software and Open Source people so expect that bias to be pervasive. However, this is an excellent site for Emacs information.

Published to various news groups every other month and is available all the time at http://www.finseth.com/emacs.html. It currently lists over 120 versions of the Emacs editor (some historical).

I particularly like this website, not just because of its treatment of EasternOrthodoxEditors (which I tend to call IbmEditorFamily) but also its FileManager category of tools.
This is the NEDIT TextEditor Wiki
Wiki for VIM

List of more than hundred text editors/IDEs? which support editing python code, ordered alphabetically, and grouped into categories Multiplatform Editors, Unix-Only Editors, Windows-Only Editors, Macintosh-Only Editors, Glorified Editors

List of text editors with plugins and modes for Ruby on Rails, a MVC web framework

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