Pad For Unix

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 Console editor for Unix/Linux?, inspired by old Logitech Point editor

 Author:   Paddy Strebel
 Family:   LinuxEditorFamily
 Platform: Linux 2.2x, Solaris 2.6
 License:  Open source

"Pad is a file editor for Unix. It is built on the ncurses library to run on a console or in an xterm window. Though pad is relativly small in size and modest in resource consumption it is pretty complete.

YES: large files, long lines, binary clean, multiple files, mouse support, cut/paste, search/replace, undo, autoindent, key macro, bracket matching, ...

No: scripting language, regular expression searching, overtype mode, syntax highlighting, text formatting ... "

Inspired by the old Logitech point editor Provided in C source form. Requires ncurses and gpm (for mouse support.)

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