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 (ap)Proximated (X)Emacs Powered by Python

 Author:   Rob McMullen?
 Family:   ScintillaEditorFamily EmacsFamily
 Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX
 License:  GPL V3

Why Another Editor?

Peppy is not just another editor. While it does emphasize source code editing, it's also an extensible framework in Python that can support editing and viewing many different types of files, not just text files.

It's not a minimalist editor, nor is it quite the kitchen sink of Emacs (it's never going to read mail). It is powerful, but that power is hidden behind a familiar GUI. It's easy to get started because most commands are available using the menu and tool bars. More advanced use is possible through key bindings, but it's not necessary to memorize keystrokes to start using peppy.

 Screenshot: (Linux)

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