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 Open source Linux console editor 

 Author:   Philippe Demeester 
 Family:   LinuxEditorFamily
 Platform: Linux
 License:  GPL

PE is a very easy tiny console mode text editor which aim is to give the user simple and direct interface via a command bar. PE is based on the Curses libraries so the text can be displayed black on white. The yellow command bar is displayed on the bottom of the screen. Line and colon counters are provided on the right end of the command bar. Warning messages are displayed on the command bar for critical events. I18n is implemented in v0.5, gettext functionnalities are available. UTF-8 encoding for ISO-8859-1 implemented.

Limitations: PE fits in a minimum 80 chars width console display or Xterm. PE is limited to 8000 lines of 255 chars. Longer lines will be cut and the remaining part is inserted on the next line. In this case a '\' will be automatically inserted at end of line. The user can also insert a '\' at end of line if he wants the <CR> to be ignored at save time. A double '\' at the end of line will be saved as '\+CR'. The Tab is now supported (v0.5), the size is based on the terminal one. NO Undo available !!!


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