Pie Editor

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 Full screen text editor for CP/M systems

 Authors:  Thomas Crosley, Walt Bilofsky dba The Software Toolworks
 Download: http://landover.no-ip.com/cpmcomm/text/pie.zip (Heath/Zenith? 89 version)
 Family:   CPMEditorFamily
 Platform: CP/M
 License:  Shareware

PIE is a two dimensional cursor based screen editor designed specifically for use with Heath/Zenith? computers, and with the H19/Z19 terminal. The terminal screen acts as a "window" displaying a portion of the file being edited. The function keys perform simple operations which are immediately reflected in the file as displayed on the screen. What you see on the screen is what you get in the file.

The screen window may be positioned to display any part of the file. Cursor motion buttons allow positioning the cursor anywhere on the screen, and changes to the file may be typed right on the screen at the cursor position. Other features include:

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