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 Early mouse driven editor for MS-DOS

 Author:       Charlie Crowley
 Homepage:     http://www.logitech.com
 Download:     http://sunsite.rediris.es/pub/msdos/editor/pt20pc.zip   (Program - v2.0)
 Download:     http://sunsite.rediris.es/pub/msdos/editor/pt20txt.zip  (Docs - v2.0) 
 Family:       MsDosEditors
 Platform:     MS-DOS
 Availability: No longer distributed by Logitech
 License:      Commercial - bundled with hardware

Point was a mouse-driven editor for MsDos that was distributed with some early Logitech mice, at a time when most MsDos users had never used a mouse before. Its main purpose was to demonstrate the usefulness of the mouse, and it never developed a following.

An enhanced version, with features not included in the one released by Logitech, is floating around as pt20pc.zip. It was released to the public domain, with source, by the author, Charlie Crowley, at the University of New Mexico's Computer Science Department. See download pointers above.

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