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 Open source IDE for PowerPlus/PowerOn?/RepGen? programming

 Author:   Dillon Aumiller
 Homepage: http://www.pwride.org/about.html
 Family:   IDEFamily
 Platform: Windows
 License:  GPL
PowerIDE? is an integrated development environment for PowerPlus/PowerOn?/RepGen? programming. It is meant to be a replacement for RepDev? or POS, as well as a compiler for PowerPlus files. Many new features are included in PowerIDE?, like code folding, bookmarks, and editing non-project local files.

    PowerPlus is a new language, included in PowerIDE?, for development on Symitar systems.
PowerPlus source files are compiled into standard RepGen? code, giving you Local Variables, Procedure Parameters, Procedure Return Values, Flexible Arrays, and many other C/C#/JavaScript? like syntax features.


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