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 Open source Markdown editor for Windows and OS/X

 Author:      Felix Bruer
 Homepage:    http://www.inkcode.net/qute
 Github:      https://github.com/fbreuer/qute-html5
 Family:      LinuxEditorFamily, MacintoshEditorFamily, MicrosoftWindowsEditors, MArkdownEditorFamily?
 Platform:    Windows, OS/X, Linux
 License:     AGPL 3.0

Qute for PC/Mac? is a text editor with Markdown and TeX support. Qute offers per paragraph preview, i.e., users can switch between editing the source and viewing a rich text rendering with typeset formulas for each paragraph separately.

Qute is currently evolving to include support for user-defined markup languages and transformers via OMeta, see this post.

To make looking at a single text file for hours appealing, Qute offers switchable themes with subtle background images and font effects. Also, Qute includes a couple of great open-source fonts that are a joy to work with.


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