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 Open source, cross-platform editor with templates and project management

 Author:   Ramunas Geciauskas
 Family:   MicrosoftWindowsEditors LinuxEditorFamily MacintoshEditorFamily
 Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS/X
 License:  Open source (W3 license)

RexEdit - very powerful and fast programmer's text and source code editor. Includes highlighting for over 50 syntaxes (programming/markup languages, scripts, specific files, etc). Fully customizable environment: you can change everything - from button layout to syntax highlighting colors. It also has very helpful ready to use additional functions such as text transformation procedures or specific files managing routines. Effective templates engine and integrated project management features helps edit your files in lighting speed. Supports UNIX, DOS and Mac file formats.

Basic Features

Download it and start coding.

Stuff we Support

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