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RichMasm is a 67 kBytes Win32 editor written entirely in assembler, mainly for use with the MASM/JWasm?/HJWasm?/AsmC? family of assemblers. It can build also Pelles C sources, and (using a plugin) a variety of C/C++ and BASIC dialects. RichMasm is part of the MasmBasic for Masm32 library.

 Author:   jj2007
 Family:   IDEFamily, TinyEditors, AssemblerEditorFamily, RichTextEditorFamily
 Platform: Windows
 License:  Freeware

A fast and compact but fully featured editor and IDE using the Rich Edit control. Sources are stored in rich text format(rtf), which allows to highlight e.g. critical or difficult code sequences individually with bold or coloured fonts and backgrounds etc. Semi-automatic syntax highlighting is available, too.

With smart search and replace functions (e.g. wild card search), editing history and permanent bookmarks (i.e. stored with the source file), it is well suited for medium-sized sources (0-50k lines). Macros are not available, but all menu functions can be assigned to the key sequence F12, x, e.g. F12, a for "save as".

The editor builds & runs out of the box all sources in the \Masm32\examples folder.

When using the MasmBasic syntax, RichMasm can build Unicode sources directly, for example:

Print "Введите текст здесь"

If the editor encounters an 'int 3' when building an assembler project, the executable will be launched with OllyDbg (while commenting out the int 3 restores normal running). User-defined options (e.g. for building DLLs and libraries, or for passing test arguments to the executable) are stored with the document.

When building assembler projects, RichMasm highlights the first error message in the output window and jumps to the corresponding error line in the main edit window. When using Try/Catch?/Finally?, the editor highlights the line in the source code where the exception occurred.

Built-in text expander, plugin interface and context-sensitive help (using a variety of user-configurable help systems, e.g. *.hlp, *.chm, Google etc, MS Help Library Agent) make RichMasm a full-fledged programming IDE.

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