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 Open source XML editor built on Eclipse

 Author:    Claudio Cancinos, Carolina Serrano
 Homepage:  http://editorxml.sourceforge.net/
 Family:    XMLEditorFamily EclipseFamily JavaBasedEditors
 Platform:  Eclipse
 License:   GPL
Rinzo is an Eclipse xml editor with the goal of make life simpler when dealing with xml files.

It has several features regarding plain xml edition such as:

But since working on Java most probably involve the usage of frameworks such as Spring, MyBatis? or Hibernate which rely part of their functionality or configuration on XML definitions where the programmer declares classes of its domain to the framework, what makes this editor different is its ability to interact with java elements in files like web.xml, .hbm files, struts-config.xml, spring contexts or any other XML file where java elements must be handled in order to:

And it's also possible to extend its validation and content assistant contributing to its extension points.

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