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A Text Editor for Programmers.

    Author: Command Technologies
 Home Page: http://www.commandtechnology.com/
    Family: IbmEditorFamily  REXX-Friendly Editors  MainframeEditorFamily  CuaFamily  ScriptedEditorFamily
  Platform: MSDOS/PCDOS/DRDOS/FreeDOS?, Windows 95/98/ME/2K/NT/Vista?/7/8/10, DOSBox/DOSEmu/WINE
   License: Commercial

SPF/PC (1984-2017) by Command Technology was originally an MSDOS/PC implementation of the IBM Main Frame ISPF set of programmer utilities. This editor never gets in your way.


SPFPC Start-up Parameters

   Invoke SPFPC with parameters to bypass the Primary Option Panel and go
   directly to a specific option:

   SPF [filename]                       Edit filename
       [/Bfilename]                     Browse filename
       [/E]                             Exit to command prompt after edit
       [/Gglobal-profile-path]          Overrides set profile path
       [/Iimacro-name]                  Initial maro
       [/Kkeyboard-macro-name]          Execute specified keyboard macro
       [/L(line-number,col-number)]     Specify line-number/column
       [/Pedit-profile-name]            Specify edit-profile
       [/Rfile-name]                    Merge compiler error file file-name
       [/Sdialog-function]              Directly execute dialog:
       [/T]                             Turn on profile trace
       [/n.n]                           Goto panel id n.n

SPF/PC Edit Commands

  &          Keep command displayed after it is executed
  :          Treat primary command as line command
  AUTOLIST   Create a source listing after END or [F3]
  AUTONUM    Renumber STD, COBOL, or BASIC upon save
  AUTOSAVE   Turn autosave on/off
  BOT        Position to bottom of file
  BOUNDS     Set/reset current bounds
  CANCEL     Cancel or disregard edit changes
  CAPS       Turn upper case conversion on or off
  CHANGE     Change a string of data
  CHARSET    Set the character set to EBCDIC or ASCII
  COLORMAP   Bind program colorization file to file type
  COMPARE    SUPERC compare current file to external file
  COPY       Copy a file into the current file
  COUNTSAVE  Set number of ENTERs before SAVE (also SAVECOUNT)
  CREATE     Create a new file
  CUT        Cut lines marked with CC or MM to cut buffer
  DATA       Insert data at the current cursor position
  DEFINE     Enable/disable specific macros by name
  DELETE     Delete a group of lines
  DOWN       Scroll view of file down
  END        End edit session; return to prior menu
  ERRORFILE  Insert compiler errors as message lines
  EXCLUDE    Exclude lines from viewing
  FIND       Find a string of data
  FLIP       Invert sense of excluded lines
  HEX        Turn HEX display on or off
  IMACRO     Set initial macro name in the edit profile
  LCOMMAND   Turn line command field ON or OFF
  LEFT       Scroll view of file left
  LEVEL      Set/reset modification level
  LOCATE     Locate a given line
  LRECL      Set logical record length
  MODEL      Access program source templates
  MOVE       Move a file into the current file
  NUMBER     Turn numbering mode on or off
  PACK       Not supported
  PASTE      Insert lines from cut buffer
  PROFILE    Display current profile information
  RCHANGE    Repeat last CHANGE command
  RECOVERY   Set UNDO support ON or OFF
  REDO       Redo the last alteration which was undone
  RENUM      Renumber the current file
  REPLACE    Replace a file on disk
  RESET      Reset all pending line commands
  RFIND      Repeat last FIND command
  RIGHT      Scroll view of file right
  SAVE       Save a file on disk
  SAVECOUNT  Set number of ENTERs before SAVE (also COUNTSAVE)
  SCOPY      Copy the selection to the clipboard
  SCREATE    Create a new file from the selection
  SCUT       Copy selection to clipboard, then delete it
  SDELETE    Delete the selection
  SORT       Sorts records or columns
  SPASTE     Paste contents clipboard at cursor position
  SPRINT     Print the current selection
  SREPLACE   Replace an existing file with the selection
  STATS      Turn stats on or off
  STOLOWER   Convert selection to all lower case chars
  STOUPPER   Convert selection to all upper case chars
  SXCLUDE    Exclude all lines touched by the selection
  TABS       Turn tabs on or off
  TOP        Position to top of file
  UNDO       Undo the last alteration
  UNNUM      Reset numbers to blanks
  UP         Scroll view of file up
  XMACRO     Sets exit macro name in the edit profile

SPF/PC Edit Line Commands

  <     Data shift left.
  <<    Block data shift left.
  >     Data shift right.
  >>    Block data shift right.
  (     Column shift left.
  ((    Block column shift left.
  )     Column shift right.
  ))    Block column shift right.
  A     After.
  B     Before.
  BNDS  Display/set bounds.
  C     Copy.
  CC    Block copy.
  COLS  Display columns.
  D     Delete.
  DD    Block delete.
  F     Display first excluded line(s).
  I     Insert.
  L     Display last excluded line(s).
  LC    Set a line to lowercase.
  LCC   Set a block of lines to lowercase.
  M     Move.
  MM    Move block.
  MASK  Display/set mask.
  MD    Make a NOTE or MSG line into a data line.
  MDD   Make a block of NOTE or MSG lines into data lines.
  O     Overlay.
  OO    Overlay block.
  R     Repeat.
  RR    Repeat block.
  S     Show structure excluded line(s).
  TABS  Display/set tabs.
  TE    Text entry.
  TF    Text flow.
  TJ    Text join.
  TS    Text split.
  UC    Set a line to uppercase.
  UCC   Set a block of lines to uppercase.
  X     Exclude.
  XX    Exclude block.
  .     Label assignment.



SPF History

                        (Note: SPF/PRO will work on Win7-64 bit in XPMODE and works well)
                       (Note: Works in DosBox? 0.74 on Windows and Linux)

Screen Shots:


SPF/PC v4:




This file edited with SPF/PC v5 on Linux

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