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 "Sally - A Simple C++ IDE" is a GPL multi-compiler C++ IDE for WindowsXP?/2000.

 Author:   Flix
 Family:   IDEFamily
 Platform: Windows 2K/XP with .NET 1.1
 License:  Open source

"What makes it different from other similiar programs is a .Net style Visual GUI Designer for native C++ application that can be used with both Mingw and Visual C++ compilers (it's based on the emerging static library SmartWin?++). No extern dlls (or the .Net framework) are required to run the executables and native windows application can be made with virtually no C++ code. Moreover, it has an embedded icon and image editor that is able to edit, convert and save images in the following formats: .ico,.bmp,.gif,.tiff,.png,.jpg.

It's a very useful solution for users of the Mingw or Visual C++ compiler that want to develop native applications for the Windows operating system with a visual GUI designer for free!"


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