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 Enhanced version of the SiTE? editor

 Author:   Mario Ray M
 Family:   ScintillaEditorFamily
 Platform: Windows
 License:  GPL v3

SciTE++ is an enhancement of SciTE (Scintilla-based Text Editor) which adds the following functionalities: - API files for some popular languages - Abbreviations for some popular languages - Automatic block completion for Pascal and C languages family - Auto expansion of control structures for C languages family - Indentation beautifier for C languages family - File manager, routines list (for some popular languages), and abbreviation list panel on the left side of editor - (X)HTML and CSS validator based on OpenSP? - Micromodes (see scite-debug\scite_lua\micromode.lua) - Automatic JavaDoc? completion - Header / Source switching for C/C++ - Debugging facility for some popular languages (with common debuggers) and many more Most of those functionalities are taken from lua scripts on\wiki


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