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 Open source editor for Windows with dotNET frameworks, based on ScintillaNET?

 Author:   Steve Donovan
 Family:   DotNETEditorFamily ScintillaEditorFamily
 Platform: Windows with dotNET framework
 License:  Open Source

Sciboo uses the tried and tested Scintilla edit control, as wrapped by ScintillaNET?. It can do syntax highlighting on any language supported by Scintilla, supports ctags, and shows compiler results, program output and the result of searching in files in different tabbed panes. It is fully extendable using any .NET language. For a little more detail, here is the readme file.

It is easy to specify build tools such as the command-line C# compiler. Sciboo does C/C++,C#,Python and Boo out of the box. The result of a global find appears in a separate pane.


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