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 Extensible text editor for Gnome

 Author:   Mystilleef
 Family:   PythonEditorFamily
 Platform: Python and GNOME
 License:  GPL


  1. Extensible via Python plugins
  2. Remote editing (ftp, sftp, ssh, samba, webdav, webdavs)
  3. Snippets! Watch the flash demo.
  4. Automatic word completion
  5. Automatic correction and replacement
  6. Automatic pair character completion and smart insertion
  7. Automatic indentation
  8. Powerful text processing and manipulation functions
  9. Bookmarks and smart navigation
  10. Document Switcher
  11. Syntax colors for over 30 languages

"Scribes is a text editor for GNOME that is simple, slim and sleek, yet powerful.

Scribes focuses on streamlining your workflow. It does so by ensuring common and repetitive operations are intelligently automated. And also by eliminating factors that prevent you from focusing on your tasks.

The result is a text editor that provides a fluid user experience. An editor that is easy and fun to use. And an editor that ensures the safety of your documents at all times."


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