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 Scope editor for Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-8 minicomputers

 Author:   Darrell J. Duffy
 Family:   DecFamily MiniComputerFamily
 Platform: DEC PDP-8
 License:  Commercial

"SCROLL is a bidirectional editor. This means that SCROLL edits a single file instead of inputting from a file and outputting edited text to another file. SCROLL allows moving through the edit file in either direction with no restrictions. Formfeed characters within the file provide convenient markers but do not restrict movement. The file currently being edited is termed the main file. In addition there are two files known as auxiliary files which may be opened. One of these files is for input and one is for output. These auxiliary files allow merging or splitting of edit files easily. A page in either the auxiliary files or the main file is the text delimited by form feeds. Pages provide the basis for control of some of the editing commands to SCROLL.

There are two types of commands to SCROLL: Text Mode commands and Command Line commands. Text Mode commands are CTRL keys typed in Text Mode and are executed immediately. CTRL keys are keys typed while the CTRL key on the teletype is held down. Command Line commands are typed into a special Command Line buffer which is displayed at the bottom of the scope."

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