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 The DeSmet C88 C compiler used to come with a nice text editor called "see".

 Author:   Michael Ouye
 Family:   IntelFamily
 Platform: MS-DOS
 License:  GPL

Unfortunately, I remember little about this text editor. I remember that it had a built-in text menu that prompted you for the first character of whatever command you were going to do.

It was written by Michael Ouye. It was written in C. It ran on MSDOS in text mode.


And it is available here!

Excerpt from that page (wikified):

It turns out (as I discovered via a Google search) that See is a clone of Intel?'s AEDIT editor (or maybe AEDIT is a clone of SEE, as the claimed date on AEDIT is 1986, and See existed years before that). There is also a modern AEDIT clone, MBEDIT, available (with source!) for DOS, Windows, Linux, and some other OSes.

Later note (Jan 22, 2006):

I have been given permission to make the SEE editor open source. It is available at

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