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 Commercial IDE for VHDL development based on Eclipse

 Author:   Sigasi nv
 Family:   IDEFamily EclipseFamily
 Platform: Eclipse
 License:  Commercial
"Sigasi HDT is the compelling next-generation development environment for VHDL designers.

Sigasi HDT is an intelligent development environment (IDE). It differs from other development tools in that it contains an ultra-fast VHDL parser and compiler that runs transparently in the background. At any given moment as you make modifications, the tool fully understands the design in terms of VHDL concepts. This technology makes it possible to support a wide range of powerful features:

Navigate to any VHDL object in the design by selecting it in a hierarchical view. Or directly navigate from an object to its declaration. Get immediate feedback on errors introduced by a modification. Use the tool to assist in completing VHDL constructs based on its knowledge of the design. Fix errors by using a quickfix proposed by the tool. Use the tool to make sophisticated code transformations that maintain the behavior of the design


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