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 Compact shareware text editor written in Assembler

 Author:   Andrew Josef Glina 
 Family:   MicrosoftWindowsEditors
 Platform: Windows
 License:  Shareware

Highlights include: Auto selection of font, text colour, background colour and word wrap based on the files extension, bookmarks, programmable label search, programmable context menu insert text and run file list, auto file registering for 12 file types (plus 2 customizable types) with a unique descriptive icon for each file type, optional and configurable toolbar, optional Status bar, tray minimisation, word/character/letter/number/line/sentence count, external modification notification, partial loading for extremely large files, a customizable tool bar, a status bar with line and column number display, Unicode support, customisable time insert, go-to-line, full search and replace and multimode auto save.


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