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 Open source IDE plugin for Windows text editors

 Author:   Kevin Kirkham, Peter Campbell 
 Homepage: http://squealer.sourceforge.net/index.html
 Family:   IDEFamily
 Platform: Windows text editor
 License:  GPL
The Squealer is a lightweight development environment that plugs-in to your existing text editor.

It is designed to give you the essential features that every developer should have at their fingertips, with an emphasis on speed of delivery. It is in response to the slow, bloated and sometimes primitive file handling functionality found in major Java IDEs, that has prompted the development of The Squealer.

The Squealer is development-language agnostic, serving all types of source files, as well as Word documents, spreadsheets, etc. It is currently optimised for Java development.

It will allow you to step through all the layers in your codebase: from web pages, through Java and C/C++ classes, into XSL templates, PL/SQL functions and even through your log files. It is truly an integrated environment.


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