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 Open source text editor in Java

 Author:   Blueapple2
 Family:   JavaBasedEditors
 Platform: Sun Java Virtual MAchine
 License:  Open Source

Step is to create and organize TEXT in a strict and linear fashion. The creative possibilities are as large and endless as the next Step.

Step can be used for writing digital books, organize "stuff", create tree data structures and family trees, and it can be used for online documentation(once Step Reader is completed).

In terms of reader, Step is an alternative to PDF, Word Documents and HTML documents. Like some magic book, a page from a Step can be exported and shared with others, and each Step is recorded like an auto-bookmark. It is very light and not bulky compared to PDF. It consumes less space than PDF, Word Documents and HTML documents, and it is oriented for reading on a computer.

The text size is large to ease the tension on the eye muscles and the colors is aimed at being like fresh water for the eyes. Computer screens tend to be smart light bulps, and smart holiday lights; for the most part, light is aimed directly towards the eyes. Step aims at being very easy on the eyes while remaining uniform.

StepEditor? is designed, coordinated to get things done. For example, the right side is dedicated for typing and the left side is dedicated to mouse work.

Create different and multi-dimensional Steps for whatever steps that need to be layed down and organized.

The most awesome part of the StepEditor? is that it can perform bulk operations. Move, Reverse, and Sort as many Steps simultaneously.


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