Sue Jed

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 Single User Editor for the Linux Text Console, stand-alone - customized version of the JED editor by John E. Davis

 Author:   Frank N. Dale
 Homepage: (for JED)
 Family:   WordStarFamily
 Platform: DOS, Linux, VMS, Windows
 License:  GPL 

This version of JED uses the WordStar command set. It uses S-Lang as the embedded macro language. The archive in the download link included executables for DOS (386+), Windows console, and Windows GUI.

"This is the first ever Linux text console editor with Windows manners. And not a half finished attempt that is going to turn into a ruin asap. You may have heard of jed, a well known editor with Unix manners. Sue is jed with Windows manners. It is stable, it is powerful, it has a macro language, it is highly configurable, it has pulldown menus, it has colour, it has a file manager (both listings and tree).

You get here Windows conventions so you can use the editor right away after installation without wondering how this or that has to be done. Extended keys are available by default, which means you do not have to put up with the crippled keymap used in the console. Ctrl-Home is not Home and block selection is with shifted arrows. If you have been despairing about emacs or vim, the wait is over: this editor is the one you were looking for."


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