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Command line multicursor text editor with extension support.

 Author:   Richard Lewis
 Family:   PythonEditorFamily
 Platform: Unix
 License:  MIT


  1. Terminal text editing with style
  2. Proper multi cursor editing, Sublime Text style. Blessed!
  3. Easy Undo / Redo
  4. Multiple files in tabs
  5. Powerful Go To feature for jumping to files and lines
  6. Copy & Paste, with multi line support
  7. Find and Find next
  8. Extensions (easy to write your own)

"Suplemon is an intuitive command line text editor. It supports multiple cursors out of the box. It is as easy as nano, and has much of the power of Sublime Text. It also supports extensions to allow all kinds of customizations. To get more help use 'Ctrl + H' in the editor. Suplemon is licensed under the MIT license."


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