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A ViFamily TextEditor for Commodore C64, written in the style of nvi/nex.

 Author:   Chris Miller, Cameron Kaiser
 Family:   ViFamily, 8bitMicroFamily
 Platform: Commodore 64
 License:  Freeware

svicc is a small-scale clone of the (in)famous vi text editor, in the style of the popular nvi/nex variant. It is written for the Commodore 64, with support for other Commodore systems planned in the future.

svicc was originally based on Chris Miller's "Mr. Ed" screen editor package, as published in Transactor September 1987. While some of the original code is still present in some form, I (Cameron Kaiser) have since done significant optimization and cleanup, as well as adding in vi/ex commands, filesystem operations, editor improvements, primitive cut-and-paste, and vi-style editing behaviour.


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