Syn Code Editor

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 An IDE for embedded development in C on the Motorola 68HC11 and 68HC12 processors

 Author:   Feaser, LLC
 Family:   IDEFamily
 Platform: Windows
 License:  Freeware

Syn Code Editor for HC11 & HC12 is a FREE full featured and unrestricted development environment that is available to all HC11 and HC12 users. Its goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to develop your HC11 and HC12 software applications in the C programming language.

It is packaged together with the GNU GCC compiler for the HC11-HC12 and includes a project wizard, syntax highlighting, code completion (with support for Driver2Go™) and several example applications. These examples demonstrate how to use memory paging and how to enable C source level debugging for the popular NoICE? debugger.


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