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 Freeware MS-DOS editor based on Borland's Turbo Editor Toolkit

 Author:   Brian Foley, TurboPower Software
 Family:   MsDosEditors WordStarFamily 
 Platform: MS-DOS
 License:  Freeware

"TPE is a programmer's editor that we at TurboPower Software developed for our own use. TPE was created initially by fusing together parts of two editors in Borland's now defunct Editor Toolbox: FirstEd and MicroStar. Over time, however, TPE has evolved into a fairly distinctive program. The basic architecture remains largely the same, but the list of features has changed substantially.


Since the list of features in TPE is indeed long, we'll just hit on some of the highlights here:

In comparison with the best known commercial programmer's editors, TPE really lacks only two things: 1) It does not have a full undo facility, just a simple undelete function, and 2) its macro system is fairly simplistic.

On the other hand, TPE has the three F's: it's Fast, Flexible, and Free."

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