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 Early screen editor at Stanford University

 Author:    Douglas Engelbart (inventor of the mouse)
 Family:    EarlyEditorFamily
 Platform:  DEC PDP

In 1962 at the Stanford Research Lab, Engelbart proposed, and later implemented, a word processor with automatic word wrap, search and replace, user-definable macros, scrolling text, and commands to move, copy, and delete characters, words, or blocks of text. Stanford's TVEdit (1965) was one of the first CRT-based display editors that was widely used. The first TVEDIT was written by Brian Tolliver for the DEC PDP-1 computer, the second by John Prebus for the Imlac graphics computer and the DEC PDP-10 (the files were kept in the PDP-10), and the third by Pentti Kanerva in 1971-72 for PDP-10 (later used also in the DecSystem?-20).


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