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This is the standard template for a TextEditors editor page. Not all fields will be used.

Commentary may be before or after screenshot, depending upon relative sizes.

Author may be Maintainer.

Wikipedia is intended for older editors of historical interest that are no longer available, but have a Wikipedia entry documenting them. If there isn't a Wikipedia entry, but there is another page documenting the editor, call it Information and use that page instead. Omit this entry for current editors.

Download may be used instead of Homepage, like stuff hosted on TextEditors because the Homepage is dead. If downloads may be reached through the Homepage, omit it.

Manual may be a link to online documentation. This is primarily for older editors no longer commonly available. If the editor has a current homepage though which documentation may be obtained, omit it.

Editors may be part of more than one Family, so multiple entries are possible.

Platform is what the editor runs on, and it usually one or more OSes it's been ported to, though it may be hardware instead, like the ones that run on pocket calculators.

License is the legal terms under which an editor is released. It may be freeware, shareware, commercial, public domain or open source, with the specific open source license given if known.

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