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 This is a pretty interesting TextEditor with Outlining capability as well as Tabs to organize files. 

 Author:   Macromates
 Homepage: http://macromates.com/
 Family:   MacintoshEditorFamily TextMateEditorFamily
 Platform: Macintosh
 License:  GPL https://github.com/textmate/textmate

It also allows for folding, syntax color highlighting and other advanced features.

It also has a cool ability to do expandable snippets. Column typing (columnar inserts) are cool too. Plugins can be written in a number of languages, although they tend to be written primarily in Ruby.

Smart typing automatically inserts matching closing constructs but puts cursor inside.

You can join the #textmate channel at freenode for general talk about TextMate or related software, trouble-shooting, or similar.

In August 2012, the source code for TextMate 2.0 was released under a GPL license

Footnote: TextMate is popular with, and popularised by the developers of, Ruby on Rails - http://rubyonrails.org/
TextMate is only available on Mac, but the e text editor supports TextMate bundles on Windows.
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