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 Open source text editor for Linux in TclTk

 Author:    Anthony Baldwin
 Homepage:  http://www.linguasos.org/tcltext.html (404 - 01/09/10 --DMcCunney}
 Freshmeat: http://freshmeat.net/projects/tickletext/
 Download:  http://sourceforge.net/projects/tickletext/
 Family:    LinuxEditorFamily TclTkEditorFamily
 Platform:  Linux TclTk
 License:   Open Source

TickleText is completely "themeable", includes a dictionary, calculator, and calendar, xterm, tclsh, python shell, and wish terminal. It has template wizards for the creation of LaTeX documents, HTML (web pages) and, tcl, perl and python scripts. It toggles line numbers and word wrap, preserves indentation, can insert a date/timestamp, count your words, goto line #, insert special characters, comment/uncomment lines, find/replace, open multiple windows, open a browser to preview pages, upload/download pages via ftp to/from your webserver, export to PDF, both from any text file, AND from .tex (LaTeX) files, and convert LaTeX to html, and, now, it can even send a post to your Livejournal!

Many functions have built in key-bindings for short-cuts, although not all the newer functions do.


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