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 Tinn Is Not Notepad extended to support operations in the R statistical package

 Maintainers: José Cláudio Faria, Philippe Grosjean    
 Homepage:    http://www.sciviews.org/Tinn-R/
 Family:      NotepadReplacement 
 Platform:    Windows
 License:     Open Source

Tinn-R: Edit code and run it in R

The specific version (Tinn-R) contains enhancements to allow syntax highlighting of S language (in *.R, *.r, *.Q or *.q files), that is, the language used by the open source statistical software [R].

It also pops up additional menu and toolbar when it detects Rgui or [SciViews R Console] running on the same computer. These add-ons interact with the R console and allow to submit code in part or in whole and to control R directly.

Tinn-R is a small, free and simple, yet efficient, replacement for the basic code editor provided by Rgui or SciViews-R. Tinn-R is written and maintained by Tinn-R team, coordinated by José Cláudio Faria. Any enquiries should be directed to him.


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