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A comprehensive powerful text editor for the Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms

 Author:   Ian D. Mead (IDM Computer Solutions)
 Homepage: http://www.ultraedit.com
 Family:   MicrosoftWindowsEditors, HexEditorFamily, FoldingEditors, LinuxEditorFamily, MacintoshEditorFamily
 License:  Commercial
 Platform: Windows, Linux, OS X

It is both easy to use and powerful. In 2010/2011 versions for Linux and Mac OS X were made available.

(See discussion below screenshot)


I also run a wiki, written in perl based on UseMod and use UltraEdit as my main perl script editor.
I find that the macro language in UltraEdit is too weak to do any real programming. I'm used to the kind of power I find in SlickEdit, VIM, or GnuEmacs. As a result, I'm hesitant to want to invest time in learning UltraEdit. -- RonPerrella

Since V 13.00 UE has supported javascript to manipulate the text in a document. New capabilities are being added to the javascript with each new version. -- TarunJain?

Update: I'm still not impressed -- except for the amazing column mode. In column mode, it is possible to mark a vertical column. So far, no biggie. But then, UltraEdit allows the user to type. At that point, the text being typed gets inserted at the column ON EVERY LINE!

This is an amazing capability, especially for programmers. Here's a scenario:

You have a list of variable names and you want to insert a class name in front of each variable name to turn it into a member or field reference. Using column mode, you simply mark a box down the left hand side of the names and type the class name. Simple.

Now, it would be possible to duplicate that scenario with a regular expression. But this is so much more intuitive. Really brilliant. Kudos to UltraEdit -- RonPerrella

Other editors with column mode, see Rectangles

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