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 UniRed is a unicode plain text editor

 Author:   Yury Finkel 
 Homepage: http://www.esperanto.mv.ru/UniRed/ENG/index.html
 Family:   UnicodeEditorFamily
 Platform: Windows
 License:  Open Source

It supports many charsets, in particular:

Besides it allows to use HTML-style presentation of Unicode symbols, like ř; also it allows using of «surrogates», i.e. instead of Unicode symbol in the file is a combination of letters (for example, in the file is ĉ, and you will see on the screen Unicode symbol ĉ).

Another important feature of UniRed is its syntax highlighting. It can emphasize syntax elements by colors and/or text styles. UniRed supports many program languages, including HTML, C/C++, Delphi, Java and others. (This feature is implemented thanks to adaptation of the external module Colorer by Igor Ruskih, originally destinated for popular file manager FAR).

And another important feature of UniRed is the ability to search and replace pieces of text by regular expressions.

And finally: UniRed can co-operate with the spell-checker ISpell, allowing to check spelling in any language, it can call external compilers, it can browse structure of program etc.


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