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 VDE - WordStar clone for DOS, written in Assembler

 Author:    Eric Meyer
 Homepages: http://sites.google.com/site/vdeeditor/
            http://short.stop.home.att.net/vde/vde.htm (Down - 02/28/2009)*
            http://www.punky.com/vde/ (404 - 07/14/12)
 Family:    MsDosEditors TinyEditors WordStarFamily CPMEditorFamily
 Platform:  CP/M, DOS, also runs under OS/2 and all MS Windows
 License:   Freeware

As quoted from short.stop.home.att.net/vde/vde.htm

Eric Meyer's VDE is a small, fast text editor and word processor that is surprisingly powerful and customizable, with powerful macro capabilities. It runs under DOS 2+ and DOS shells (including DesqVIEW?, which it recognizes), OS/2, and Windows 3.x/9x/Me?/NT/2K/XP/Vista?/7. It can read and edit files in a variety of formats: ASCII, ANSI, Unix, WordStar, WordPerfect, Word and others. VDE runs even on older PCs, including XTs, and supports the HP LX series palmtops. It can access the Windows 3.x/9x clipboard directly, and the Windows NT/2K/XP clipboard with external utilities.

VDE uses a modified and improved WordStar command set. (The SUE editor has a similar command set.) VDE can "edit files around 70-80k as a single unit," while "larger files will be divided into multiple segments for editing, up to a maximum of around 500k of actual text" (from VDE.TXT, current documentation). VDE will open up to eight files at the same time, and can open two windows into the same or different files. Long File Names are supported under 32-bit Windows.

It is the ONLY editor I've ever used that will compare the text of two buffers without regard to line endings or wrapping. For example, if you have two buffers open with these lines:

Now is the
time for all good
men to come
to the aid of their

and this:

is the time for all good
men to come to the ais
of their country.

VDE will locate the two non-whitespace differences between these two blocks of text ("aid/ais" and "country/country.") Every other text editor I've ever used that has a file-compare mode will match each line as different. If you want to compare two hunks of reformatted text, ignoring line breaks, spacing, and indents, VDE is the way to go. -- EricPement

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